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Kappa Books Publishers LLC is one of the nation's top publishers of popular promotional products, specializing in coloring and activity, seasonal and educational books for children, as well as puzzle and game books, reference, board and novelty books for all.

Through licensing agreements with such leading companies as TV Guide, Woman’s Day, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Sesame Street, Kappa Books has become known throughout the entertainment industry for its unique editorial and marketing abilities.

Kappa Books is committed to the production of high-quality, high-value, highly entertaining publications.

All books at this Web site are the trademarks and copyrights of Kappa Books Publishers LLC.; except: Sesame Street and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop; Woman’s Day is under license from Woman’s Day®; Chicken Soup for the Soul is under license from Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing LLC; TV Guide® and TV Guide and Design ® are registered trademarks of TV Guide Magazine Group, Inc. and used with permission. Crossword Companion ® is the registered trademark of Kappa Books Publishers LLC. Word-Finds, Word-Find, and Fill-It-Ins are trademarks of Kappa Publishing Group, Inc. Privacy Policy