Your True Self
What is hidden inside your sign?

By Angela Rios

Astrology is a great way to learn all about yourself. Reading about your Sun sign, a familiar pastime for readers of this magazine, no doubt, can tell you quite a bit about your personality style, including the way you interact with others and your likes and dislikes. However, if you really want to get to know yourself better there is something hidden within your sign that gives you more detail about yourself,

Sun signs are each composed of 30 degrees, yet most of what you will read about them talks about the sign as a whole, or perhaps its place in such groupings as the Qualities (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable) or the Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water). But astrological tradition also divides each sign into three equal segments of 10 degrees each, called decanates, and they modify the sign’s energy in a pattern that is based on that sign’s element. For example, as a Fire sign, the three decanates in Aries are of the nature of the Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, in that order. An Aries is still an Aries, of course, but if you happen to be, say, born in the second decanate of that sign your nature as an Aries will be slightly different than of the other two decanates.

To discover your decanate, and the planetary ruler of your decanate, find your birth date below, and then read the description of your inner personality style.


March 21 to March 30: You were born under the Aries decanate, so Mars is your decanate ruler. With a double Aries energy, you are full of drive, desire, and ambition! You thrive on challenges and love to be first, both while you are at work, and when you are doing sports. However, you need to curb your enthusiasm at times, since you have a tendency to act first and then think later, this may get you into plenty of trouble during your life journey.

March 31 to April 9: You were born under the Leo decanate, and the Sun is your decanate ruler. You have an extremely positive outlook on life; in fact, you are probably the most cheerful person (and certainly the most cheerful Aries) on the block! You have a lot of self-confidence, and you are bursting with self-esteem. You have a high opinion of yourself, which is good, but be aware that you may tend to be a bit egotistical. Keep in mind that everyone else has special qualities as well, so recognize and honor that fact when dealing with the world at large.

April 10 to April 20: You were born under the Sagittarius decanate, and Jupiter is the ruler of this segment of Aries. You tend to be an extremely outgoing Aries. You love to have a good time, and to enjoy yourself. If you are holding a party, you will invite everyone in your address book to the event, and ask them to bring all of their friends as well! Traveling is your passion, and you adore seeing new places on a regular basis, but because of your restless nature you may find it nearly impossible to settle down in one place. Along with that you may have a fear of commitment when it comes to relationships.


April 21 to April 30: You were born under the Taurus decanate, ruled by Venus. Leading a luxurious life is your idea of heaven! Even if you have to save your pennies, you will buy the highest quality items you can afford, preferring silk sheets to cotton, and cashmere to other varieties of wool. You may have a bit of a sweet tooth, and tend to overindulge in cookies, cakes, and pies. As you get older, you may have to exercise and diet more than most people of the same age in order to keep your weight within bounds.

May 1 to May 10: You were born under the Virgo decanate, so Mercury is your decanate ruler. You can be a very clever individual, able to easily figure out the solution to the most complex puzzle, and someone who shines at doing crosswords. Friends and family often come to you for your sound advice, and your guidance is sought after by your work colleagues as well. However, you may have a sharp tongue at times, and can offend others with your blunt speech if you’re not careful.

May 11 to May 20: You were born under the Capricorn decanate, which is ruled by Saturn. Life is a serious business as far as you are concerned. You realize that you need to work hard in order to achieve your goals. Remember that all work and no play can stress you out very quickly, and that it’s okay to have fun too! You love nature, and will find relief from the daily grind by taking long walks in safe and peaceful settings.


May 21 to May 31: You were born under the Gemini decanate, ruled by Mercury. As the most typical of your sign, you love to be as busy as a bee! It is very difficult for you to sit still; after all, there are so many interesting things that you can be doing every minute of the day and night. With your active mind busy at all hours, insomnia could be a problem for you, so make sure that you take steps to quiet yourself by bedtime. Having a glass of hot milk or listening to soothing music might help send you off to slumber-land.

June 1 to June 10: You were born under the Libra decanate, with Venus as its ruler. You’re as mentally sharp as any Gemini, but romance is in your blood! You probably started sending Valentine’s Day cards in nursery school, and had a special someone before you went to kindergarten. You go the whole nine yards in the love department, and will woo a potential lover with flowers, presents, and sweet words. However, once you have captured the heart of your beloved, your Gemini nature comes calling and you may lose interest in him or her rather quickly.

June 11 to June 20: You were born under the Aquarius decanate, ruled by Uranus. You dance to your own tempo! The last thing you want to do is to follow the crowd, and you never conform to society’s rules. You love to shock others and will often take a controversial stance on a topic just to see the reaction of your associates. Remember, if you rock the boat too much, you might eventually get thrown overboard, but so what—you’’ll be on to the next thing on your agenda!


June 21 to July 1: You were born under the Cancer decanate, which is ruled by the Moon. You are the most emotional Cancer possible. You cry at sad movies, so you probably bring a box of tissues along whenever you go to anything but a comedy. People always know how you feel just by looking at your face. You can’t hide your emotions, even if you try. Poker is not the game for you, since you may break into a broad grin if you are dealt a good hand of cards, or start crying if it’s a bad hand.

July 2 to July 12: You were born under the Scorpio decanate, with Pluto as its ruler. When you walk into a room, all eyes instantly turn in your direction. You are as emotional as anyone of your sign, but tend to project a very powerful presence that gives you the ability to command attention in every social setting in which you are involved. When you look directly into the eyes of a friend or a lover, that person feels as if you are looking right into his or her soul!

July 13 to July 22: You were born under the Pisces decanate, ruled by Neptune. This makes you more creative than others of your sign, and you might express your talents through varied forms such as sculpting, painting, or dance. You will want to discover the activity that suits your artistic nature the best, but should beware of just dabbling in the arts. It might be difficult for you to settle into one medium and concentrate on perfecting your craft.


July 23 to August 1: You were born under the Leo decanate, ruled by the Sun. You are likely to possess wonderful managerial skills, so the boss knows that you can be relied on to take charge of anything you are given responsibility for. If you have kids, you are the one in charge of the family activities, perhaps coaching your child’s soccer team, chaperoning school dances, or taking youngsters out on scout camping trips. Don’t overdo it, though, as your child may feel suffocated if you become overly involved in his or her life.

August 2 to August 12: You were born under the Sagittarius decanate, ruled by Jupiter. Lady Luck seems to be by your side most of the time. No matter how difficult your life circumstances appear to be, you always find a way to emerge victorious. One of your greatest gifts is the ability to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. You may even have a kind of Midas touch when it comes to finance.

August 13 to August 22: You were born under the Mars-ruled Aries decanate. Your motto is “look out world, here I come!” Life is one long adventure as far as you are concerned, so you may have a pilot’s license, race cars, or do underwater diving in your leisure moments. You get a strong adrenaline rush every time you go to an amusement park, and you look for thrills in your daily existence.


August 23 to September 2: You were born under the Virgo decanate, which is ruled by Mercury. You have a very discerning eye and possess a shrewd understanding of human nature. You can spot a phony a mile away. If someone tells you a sob story, you ask for proof before giving away your sympathy, or your hard-earned cash! However, keep in mind that not everyone you meet has something to hide, or is up to no good.

September 3 to September 13: You were born under the Capricorn decanate and Saturn is its ruler. Financial security is important to you, and you need and want to have a healthy bank balance. You know the true value of the services you render to others, and expect to be fully compensated for your efforts. You will help out a friend if he or she is too sick to walk the dog, but once your associate recovers, you will hand over the dog leash.

September 14 to September 22: You were born under the Taurus decanate, ruled by Venus. Slow and steady is your favorite method of operation. You enjoy taking your time at tasks, and can’t see the point in rushing around from one place to another. You have a very poised and calm demeanor, and rarely lose your cool, even in the most harried of circumstances.


September 23 to October 3: You were born under the Libra decanate, with Venus as its ruler. You sparkle and shine with grace, charm, and attractiveness. You have a definite flair for fashion, so you instinctively know how to dress well. In fact, your wardrobe is probably the envy of your friends and acquaintances. Resist the temptation to look down on others if they aren’t as well turned out as you are.

October 4 to October 13: You were born under the Aquarius decanate, ruled by Uranus. You are a very cool customer, tending to use logic in every area of your life, including your love life. Since it’s your style to let your head rule your heart, at some point in your life a lover might have accused you of being too dispassionate. Remind this person that you do have feelings, but also the ability to separate your thoughts from your emotions.

October 14 to October 22: You were born under the Gemini decanate, with Mercury as its ruler. You love to chat, so expressing yourself with words is second nature to you. If you are happy, you get on the telephone and tell a friend; if you are sad, you will write a long letter detailing your distress to your favorite Aunt Edna in Idaho. Do, though, be careful not to fall into the habit of telling people what they want to hear.


October 23 to November 2: You were born under the Scorpio decanate, ruled by Pluto. You radiate quite intense vibrations to those around you, and throw yourself body, mind, and soul into everything that you do. If you decide to lose weight, you will go on a strict diet until the scale says exactly what you want it to say. But beware of becoming too ruthless in pursuit of your goals, as you may concentrate too closely on the ends you desire, pushing aside those who try to help you.

November 3 to November 12: You were born under the Pisces decanate, with Neptune as its ruler. You are deeply intuitive, so when the telephone rings, you often know immediately who is on the other end of the line. Friends and family may tell you that you are a mind-reader, since you always seem to be in tune with what they are thinking! While it’s important to listen to your sixth sense, it’s important to consider the facts before making any important life choice.

November 13 to November 21: You were born under the Cancer decanate, ruled by the Moon. You have a good sense of humor, and when you are with people you feel comfortable with, you aren’t afraid to let loose by cracking jokes, making wisecracks, and telling funny stories. You may have a great gift for mimicry, and may be able to copy the voices and mannerisms of your associates. Take care, though, as too much “funny” can at times cross the line into offensive.


November 22 to December 2: You were born under the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius decanate, so you may look at the world through the eyes of a philosopher. You aren’t afraid to ask the big questions about life and its true purpose. You love to learn, both in and out of the classroom. For you, acquiring knowledge is likely to be a lifelong endeavor, and you could be signing up for courses and reading “deep” literature your whole life long.

December 3 to December 11: You were born under the Aries decanate and its ruler is Mars. You never take a back seat to anyone, not in your professional life and not when you are with friends and family. You never hesitate to stand up for yourself and your beliefs, and you are willing to fight for your rights. Keep in mind that while being assertive is important, it’s not a good idea to become overly aggressive when dealing with others.

December 12 to December 21: You were born under the Leo decanate and the Sun is its ruler. You have a very big heart, and are always willing to help someone in need. If you hear that a neighbor has fallen on hard times, you will hop in the car, rush to the supermarket, buy a bunch of food items, and deposit the grocery bags on your neighbor’s doorstep. Remember that charity begins at home, and consider the needs of yourself and your family as well.


December 22 to December 31: You were born under the Capricorn decanate, which is ruled by Saturn. Common sense is your specialty, as you look at the world through very practical eyes, and are able to separate fact from fiction easily. Once you have made up your mind as to the right course of action, you rarely deviate from your path. However, you may be overly stubborn, so try to consider the viewpoints of your friends and family.

January 1 to January 10: You were born under the Venus-ruled Taurus decanate. You have a very affectionate nature. Physical closeness is important to you, and you thrive on being able to hug your nearest and dearest. If you live far away from your loved ones, it might be a good idea to get a pet. You would benefit from having a four-legged friend if a companion of the human species isn’t close at hand.

January 11 to January 19: You were born under the Virgo decanate, ruled by Mercury. You hold yourself to a very high ideal. In your opinion, you should be all that you can be, so you try very hard to hit the mark. You know that it’s important to reach for the stars, and to never settle for second best. However, no one is perfect, not even you, so cut yourself some slack from time to time.


January 20 to January 29: You were born under the Aquarius decanate, ruled by Uranus. You are a true free spirit who loves to be spontaneous and to go wherever the wind blows you. Maintaining the same routine, day in and day out, is hard for you. On the practical side, most jobs become repetitious when they are done for many hours every day, but they still need to be done, so keep that in mind when you become bored with the job that you must do to make a living.

January 30 to February 8: You were born under the Gemini decanate, so its ruler is Mercury. You are very curious, wanting to know the whys and wherefores of every subject that interests you. When you were a child, you were probably nearly always the first kid in class to raise your hand to ask the teacher why it rains, why the sky is blue, or where babies come from. Not surprisingly, your teacher wasn’t always ready with an answer!

February 9 to February 18: You were born under the Libra decanate, ruled by Venus. You have a very mellow side to your personality, and thrive on being in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. If your work environment is filled with hostility, or the atmosphere at home is tense, you will try to find serenity elsewhere. You may benefit mentally and emotionally by placing green plants and fresh flowers in your work and living spaces.


February 19 to February 29: You were born under the Neptune-ruled Pisces decanate, so you have a very spiritual nature. You adore investigating metaphysical topics, and your bookshelves may be stacked with books on palmistry, numerology, the tarot, and astrology. You may belong to more than one religious group, since you can see the beauty in every faith. You do, though, sometimes find it hard to relate to people who don’t share your belief in the supernatural.

March 1 to March 10: You were born under the Cancer decanate, ruled by the Moon. Home sweet home may be your favorite saying, though home to you may be a quiet, favorite spot in a nearby forest, where you can think and dream. Your need for privacy may be greater than that of other Pisceans, and at times you may find it difficult to invite others into your living space.

March 11 to March 20: You were born under the Scorpio decanate, which is ruled by Pluto. You often appear to be all sweetness and light on the surface, but once people get to know you they discover that your intuitive nature is coupled with a will of iron! When you say yes, you mean yes, and when you say no, you mean no way! Remember that life often consists of situations that involve gray areas, so don’t be patient with those who don’t think in black and white, as you do.