The Winning Side of Life
Change your fortunes for the better in July

By Elizabeth Summers

In the fast-food world, the idea of “supersizing” isn’t such a good thing, especially if you’re on a diet. But in the astrological world, supersizing can be a very good thing indeed, especially when it comes to a planet like Jupiter! No matter where this planet is, and no matter what is up to, it brings good things, and in large quantities to the part of our solar chart that it touches, so that in at least one area of life we have a better than average chance to come out a winner. This month, things will change as Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16, 2014, where it will stay until August 12, 2015.

As it is one of the largest planets in the solar system, it should be no surprise that Jupiter’s astrological energy matches his size. Jupiter loves to give presents, so when you think of Jupiter, think of a benevolent boss, ready and willing to hand out bonus checks for a job well done. Jupiter it is not all Santa Claus and generous bosses, however, as he has rulership over many areas of your life, including your travel needs, desire to obtain a higher education, and your relationship with your in-laws. Jupiter also governs foreign cultures, legal matters, and the publishing industry.

Jupiter is very big on philosophical thinking, and when it touches your chart in a personal way, no matter what it else it does it inclines you to consider your place in the universe. Any tendency you have to settle for easy answers goes out the window, and you will find yourself checking out philosophy books from the local library or bookstore so that you can ponder the thoughts of the bright minds of history as they apply to your own life.

As much as Jupiter’s nature encourages a love of learning, he also makes us remember to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Jupiter may encourage you to get out of whatever rut you’ve been in recently, perhaps to hold a party for your coworkers, a barbecue for the neighbors, or a family reunion that includes your distant relatives. The more the merrier is Jupiter's style, so be sure that you don’t skimp on the amount of food and beverages you offer to your guests.

Jupiter, as you might expect, is the planet that more than any other makes us look at the bright side of life. Why see a glass as half-empty when you can just as easily see it as being half-full, after all? Among the keywords that most apply to this planet are enthusiasm and optimism. If you listen to Jupiter’s message, you will hear him tell you that there is a silver lining on the edge of every dark cloud, even if sometimes you don’t see it at first.

Of course, there is a downside to Jupiter, in part because its supersizing effect makes us think that too much is never enough. In many situations Jupiterian vibes make us prone to “eat large” as a part of living large, but there is a big difference between a tasty but modest meal and one that includes a third helping of mashed potatoes swimming in gravy, a gooey ice cream sundae covered in hot fudge, and perhaps two bottles of wine with dinner, as opposed to two glasses. Since the urge to splurge is part of Jupiter's influence, when you get the desire to take your credit cards to the mall and then shop until you drop, you may well be listening to Jupiter in its role as the planet of excess.

The Generous Lion

Now that you know a bit about Jupiter, let’s take a look at the sign he will occupy for the next 12 months, and how Jupiter interacts with us through it. Leo is symbolized by the regal and noble lion, the king of the jungle, and master of all that he surveys. Like the lion, a Leo can be a sweet pussycat who loves to roll around on the ground and play, but Leos can also be quite ferocious if they feel attacked, or if someone tries to hurt a person they love.

Leos take great pride in themselves, and never seem to go out to meet the world looking less than their best. People who are born with their Sun, rising sign, or Moon in Leo love to be in the limelight, and will often seem to hold court at parties. If you see a person regaling a group of people with a humorous anecdote, he or she is probably a Leo. If this person gets up on a tabletop and starts to dance, then you are definitely looking at a Leo, aiming to be the life of the party.

People of this sign seem to be born with romance in their DNA, as they love to be in love, and to have someone special that they can adore. However, until they find their chosen mates, they definitely enjoy sowing their wild oats, often dating more than one person at a time. Despite this, once a Leo gives a serious commitment to another, he or she will honor that pledge. There may still be a casual flirtation or two, but the wild oats are over and done with.

Leos, of course, love to live large (which, remember, is also a Jupiterian trait). The Leo ideal home is liable to be a “McMansion,” complete with golden bathroom fixtures, an indoor swimming pool, and the latest appliances in the kitchen. Since most Leos are not likely to have the finances to live up to that dream, they will do the best to make what they have look spectacular.

On the downside, Leo lads and lasses can be a bit bossy at times. These people often seem to think that they know best, and thus they want to manage the lives of their friends and families. Leos can also be quite egotistical and have a superior attitude towards others. Despite these flaws, usually they are outweighed by each Leo’s generous heart and good nature!

You can learn a good deal about what to expect during the coming year by looking back to what happened in your life when this same transit was in effect before. Jupiter spends an entire year in each of the 12 zodiac signs, so it may take him 12 years to pay a return visit. In the past, Jupiter was in Leo from August 1, 2002 to August 27, 2003; August 18, 1990 to September 12, 1991; September 5, 1978 to February 28, 1979, and April 20 to September 29, 1979; September 27, 1966 to January 15, 1967, and May 23 to October 19, 1967; June 12 to November 16, 1955, and January 17 to July 8, 1956; June 30, 1943 to July 25, 1944; July 17, 1931 to August 11, 1932, and from August 2, 1919 to August 27, 1920.

Of course, people born during the periods listed above are due to have a special blessing come their way during the next 12 months, as they receive a double dose of Jupiter's energy. This is a great time for everyone to dust off their dreams, and pursue their heart’s desire, but this is particularly true of people with Jupiter in Leo. Positive energy will surround all of your efforts.

The transit of Jupiter in Leo is likely to effect the world on a global scale in 2014 and 2015, so let’s take a look back at events that occurred during some previous periods with Jupiter in Leo, to discover what took place under this dramatic transit in the past.

On March 19, 2003, America, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, invaded Iraq. It’s interesting to note that Bush’s father, President George H. W. Bush, launched an earlier military action against that same country, Operation Desert Storm, which began on January 17, 1991. Desert Storm was in retaliation for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait in early August of 1990, just before the beginning of Jupiter’s stay in Leo. America’s intervention five months later brought the Gulf War to a quick halt, and by February 28, 1991 a cease fire was signed with Iraq, and Hussein’s army was forced to leave Kuwait. So Jupiter in Leo has had a great deal to do with America’s relationship to this part of the world.

On the diplomatic front, on September 17, 1978, the Camp David Peace Accords were signed in America by Israel’s Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Begin and Sadat were brought together by American President Jimmy Carter. Given these two important historical events, during the Jupiter year ahead, issues that take place in the Middle East may require the intervention of the United States, either militarily or diplomatically, and they could produce similar watershed events.

Show business and entertainment in general are ruled by Leo, so it’s interesting that the first ever Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967, between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. 1967 also saw what was known as the Summer of Love. Thousands of young people gathered in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco, California, celebrating freedom, music, and a culture of “peace and love.” The number one musical hit of the summer of 1967, sung by Scott McKenzie, had an amazingly long title: “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)”. It was written by John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas, a well-known group of that day, and it is considered to be a classic by some.

In the cinema, on July 9, 2003, the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, hit the silver screen. This proved to be a mega hit for Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. On the opposite end of the hit spectrum, the movie Gigli, released on August 1, 2003, was a huge bomb for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who were then a hot couple. Gigli tanked at the box office and so did Ben and Jen’s relationship, as well as their careers, though the latter eventually recovered for both of them. Affleck and Lopez are both, by the way, Sun-sign Leos, and their hubris-ridden flop movie is perhaps a good example of too much Jupiter and too much Leo all at one time. Whether the current Jupiter in Leo period produces hits or flops (or both), more than likely the movies will produce bigger headlines than usual.

Romance will be on the upswing for us ordinary people, for sure. Dating sites will do brisk business, and single groups may notice an uptake in membership. Attached couples might decide to go on second honeymoons, or renew their vows. When you go to your mailbox each day, chances are that you will find more invitations to weddings and engagement parties than usual.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the chart for the United States of America, using the so-called Sibly chart (after the astrologer who first drew it up), and see how Jupiter will affect America as a whole. This chart is drawn for July 4, 1776, at 5:15 p.m. LMT at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jupiter will be conjunct America’s natal North node at 6 Leo during the month of August this year. The North node is the astrological placement of good fortune, so it appears that there will be a lot for Americans to celebrate during the summertime. Also, Jupiter at that time will be in America’s 8th house, a sign of rejuvenation and revitalization. A new spirit may take hold in the land, one that inspires good feeling, confidence, and a new joy to be alive.

Jupiter and Your Sign

Now let’s take a look at the gifts Jupiter in Leo will bring to you and your life in the coming months.

Aries: Your change of fortune may develop through a new love of sports, and perhaps you will decide to take up volleyball, fencing, or become a member of the local swim team. Your desire to be part of a team could fill up a lot of your time during the coming months. A relationship with a child might take center stage, since Jupiter transits your solar 5th house. You also might discover that you are going to be a grandparent, or welcome a new niece or nephew into your life in the year ahead.

Taurus: For you, winning may come from a real estate venture, as Jupiter moves through your solar house of home, family, and property. It might be worth your time and money to give some serious thought to investing in a fixer-upper house. Once you make the necessary repairs, you might be able to sell the property at a nice profit. You also may have the opportunity to move during the coming year, perhaps to an area that has a very warm and sunny climate.

Gemini: Good news could reach you in the months ahead, about a close relative finally getting his or her dream job, or a beloved relative winning the lottery! You will certainly have reason to smile as Jupiter transits your solar 3rd house (personal communication and the mind). Your take on the world will be one of positive optimism, and no one will be allowed to bring your spirits down. Your mindset will be filled with hopeful thoughts, and you will feel cheerful on a regular basis.

Cancer: “We’re in the Money” could become your theme song, as a financial windfall might enable you to finally get out of debt. Why? Because the sign of Leo is your solar 2nd house (personal finance). Extra cash may come your way as if by magic, so be sure to look in the pockets of winter coats for spare change, or perhaps that lottery ticket you forgot to check a couple of months ago. Even if you don’t get a windfall, spend time rethinking your priority list and organizing your time in the months ahead—it will make a difference. Getting rid of projects in which you no longer have any interest could put you on the road to success.

Leo: A star is born! With the vibrations of Jupiter in your solar 1st house, you will project a very favorable aura to others. In fact, some may think of you of as someone who can do no wrong. This is a great time to make good use of such potent energy to do good works for yourself and for others. Think about trying out for a local community theater production—you just might become the new celebrity in the neighborhood. However, don’t let all of these good vibes turn into pride. Remember our story about Gigli above.

Virgo: Your sixth sense will kick up a notch as Jupiter transits through your solar 12th, the house of intuition. Think about going with your gut instinct more often, especially when you encounter new people, or are involved in any new social scene. This is a good time to pay heed to your inner wisdom. If you are single, and looking for love, you just might meet someone special who is in one of the healing professions, namely a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or massage therapist.

Libra: You might reconcile with an estranged friend in the months ahead. This person might take steps to get back in your life. If you feel your former companion is ready to turn over a new leaf, and has learned from his or her mistakes, think about resuming the relationship, perhaps on a trial basis. You may decide to become a member of a new club, as Jupiter travels through your house of groups and associations. New companions will certainly come your way once you join.

Scorpio: The spotlight will shine on you while you are at work, as Jupiter travels through your solar 10th, the house of career matters. The boss could name you employee of the month. A hefty raise might be part of any such promotion, or you could receive a large bonus as a reward for your dedication to duty. If you are thinking of making a job change, this is a great time to send out resumes, or to sign up with a recruitment agency, since your application will be viewed in a positive way.

Sagittarius: You might connect with someone from a culture foreign to your own in the coming months. This person could be a teacher, mentor, guru, or life coach, someone who helps you learn more about yourself and your capabilities. Your new acquaintance will expand your view of the world, and help you to evolve to a higher level. As Jupiter transits your solar 9th house, it focuses you on higher education, so you may have the urge to go back to school. Consider signing up for an adult education course through your local high school, or take a workshop in a subject that fascinates you.

Capricorn: You may think about mixing business with pleasure in the year ahead. A close friend or a lover could ask you to start a business venture, or invite you to invest in a financial enterprise. As Jupiter moves through your solar 8th, the house of transformation, you may decide to completely overhaul your lifestyle. The desire to live a drastically different life could make you change the way you look, think, act and feel. Of course, you have every right to follow your bliss, no matter where it takes you!

Aquarius: A new feeling of tenderness will surround a long-term relationship, as Jupiter travels through your solar 7th house, which is the house of partnerships. A partner could suggest going away for a romantic vacation, or pencil in plenty of alone time on the calendar just for the two of you over the next year. Past grievances will seem to melt away as you and your partner work toward a closer bond. If you are single, this is a great time to ask your associates to set you up on blind dates, or to consider joining an online dating site.

Pisces: You may feel totally revitalized as Jupiter transits your solar 6th house, as this is the cosmic sector that rules health. A new feeling of pep could encourage you to join a gym, take brisk walks around the block, or do yoga. In your effort to find inner peace, you might consider practicing meditation with a group of like-minded individuals. A new pet might become part of your household in the year ahead, one of those lovely little creatures that loves you, and only you. But whether it comes through a better health regimen or a new pet, feeling good and staying positive is your key for success in the next 12 months.