June 2015

Here we are in the first month of summer, perhaps hoping that the heat of the season will be milder than usual. When it comes to astrological "heat," though, Mars changing from one sign to another will almost always affect our inner thermometers. In this case, the sign is Cancer, which happens to be what many astrologers would call an unfriendly sign, given that Mars is a fiery planet and Cancer is a Water sign. However, as it is the relationship between the sign of Cancer and the other 11 signs that counts the most in understanding the changes that Mars here will bring, the article starting on page 32 will give you the details.

It might surprise you to know that the astrology we use in this magazine is not the only astrology in the world. In fact, in India, where astrology is taken very seriously as an integral part of daily life, they use square, not round, charts, and a zodiac quite different in many ways from the one you see in this magazine. Though it would take a book (or maybe a set of encyclopedias) to explain all the differences, on page 38 you'll find a brief but useful survey of how astrology is done in that country halfway around the world. We think you'll find it enlightening.

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