March 2016

Though it's not talkeda bout much, more than a few astrologers believe that the "real" birth chart of a person is not the one for birth, but rather for conception. Big problem, right? Except with a birth resulting from in vitro fertilization there is really no way to know that magic moment when life really begins. There is, though, a fairly simple was to figure out the Sun sign under which a person was probably conceived, as well as what that might mean. This is the idea behind "Your Home in the Stars," in this issue. True, or just a theory? You decide.

Our second feature is about an important event this month, a four-planet configuration called a T-square that brings together Venus, Jupiter and Saturn into close contact on the 25th. Neptune is involved as well, though it plays a somewhat indirect role. Read "Planetary Thunder" to find out more about what a T-square is and what this month's big event means for the world and for you.

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