It’s that time of year again. As winter is blowing in from the North, those of us who can afford it (or who live there) are heading for the sunny South, and those of us who can’t afford it (or love blustery weather) are probably shoveling snow. But the beginning of a new year means more than winter, so it’s time for us to ask what 2015 will be like for us. The answers to our questions will be found on page 30, where our article “What’s Ahead for Your Sign” outlines the important planetary aspects and sign changes for the year, and discusses how they apply to each of the 12 signs.

“Sudden, Mysterious Disappearances” takes us down an entirely different path, one where  airplanes flown by experienced pilots mysteriously vanish, leaving no trace behind, and a ship with a full crew, a captain, and his wife and daughter is found abandoned in the middle of the ocean, the life boat gone, and without a trace of foul play. Will we ever know why these things have happened, or have these people simply vanished into another dimension? An astrological look gives us some clues about what might have happened.

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