December 2015

This time of year features a number of holidays, ranging from the religious to the secular, and most of them require giving a gift of some sort to someone. That someone could be your soul mate, a close relative you know well and love, a close relative you don't know well at all, or a complete and total stranger. But gift-giving goes beyond that to birthdays and beyond, so what is a person to do? A simple solution is to start with the person's birthday. Just how that works is outlined in "Flowers, Fine Wines, or Fuzzy Slippers," starting on page 32.

Holiday celebrations are supposed to be fun, of course, but they can easily end up as tedious events with people who don't share any of your interests and may also be one drink or one platter of food over the line. Wouldn't it be nice to slip out a side door to go off and do something you really like to do? "No Need to Be Bored!" (page 38) offers a few suggestions for fun that you may not have thought of!

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