September 2015

Autumn is in the air, bringing with it the perception that change of some sort is just around the corner. Indeed it is, as this happens to be an eclipse month as well, and nothing says change in a bigger way than an eclipse or two. As the writer of our article on this makes clear in "September's Power Moons," the notion that such changes should make us run for cover is outmoded and old-fashioned. The truth is that eclipses are like any other astrological happening, so if you know what these special cosmic events are all about you can use them to your advantage.

In "Many Happy Returns!" you'll learn the basics of an interesting technique based on the fact that once a year the Sun returns to exactly where it was at the time you were born, and once a month the Moon does the same. A "return" chart drawn up for these special dates can be a helpful way for an astrologer to get a closer look at the trends produced by current planets in your birth chart. Even if you already know something about "returns," this one is worth a look.

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