Saturn moves into Sagittarius this month, so it’s time to settle into what this means for us over the next two-and-a-half years. Despite Saturn’s reputation as a curmudgeonly “eat your peas” harbinger of gloom, if not doom, reading through the article on page 42 will quickly point out just how incomplete this idea is. The truth is that while Saturn sometimes seems to limit your options in various ways, in doing so it focuses your attention on what really matters in any situation. If you pay attention to Saturn’s message, then great achievements are possible. This is particularly true, by the way, when Saturn returns to the place where it was at your birth, an event called the “Saturn Return.” If you happen to be a Sagittarius, your return will happen during this transit, so a good part of the article is devoted to what this means. Don’t pass it by.

As our other feature, “Eat, Pray, Live it Up!” makes clear, paying attention to a hidden part of your solar chart can make you happier than you think possible. As you might suspect from the title, our prime example is the author of the bestseller Eat, Pray, Love, which also became a popular movie. The lesson from Elizabeth Gilbert’s life, that you can find happiness if you are not afraid to go out and look for it, has an astrological twist to it that we think you’ll find interesting.

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